Why Most Crafters Don't Want Leaves in Green Felt!

It's easy to associate leaves with the colour green and I do stock 8 different shades of green felt for this and other purposes but the reality is that I cut more leaves in other colours than I do in green!
So what are some of the reasons:
  • Autumn / Fall - Makers tend to use leaves more in seasonal displays. At this time of year leaves can be yellow, mustard, red, garnet and rust to name a few.
  • Christmas - My Gold fabric Rose Leaves are very popular mixed in with Christmas Flowers and add a real festive feel.
  • Colour Matching - Whilst my Flower Kits usually contain green leaves, I am often asked to replace them with a colour instead. When matching my flowers to room decor, makers often like the leaves to be in one of these colours rather than green.
  • One colour themes - This is very popular and is where I am requested to make a Kit that normally comes in 4 or 5 colours in just one. My Ivory Flower Kit is a great example of this and is often used in Wedding Decor for Pew Ends and Table displays.
  • Wreaths - One colour symmetrical leaf wreaths are also bang on trend.

..and just in case you are wondering about the picture. It is an order of 40 leaves in each of the 48 colours on my felt chart.

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