Various Uses for Felt Oak Leaves

As Autumn arrives and oak leaves start to change into different vibrant colours, they become far more memorable than when they were green throughout the Spring and Summer months. It is these colours that attract us the most and which are included in seasonal wreath making and floral displays.
By using pre-cut felt oak leaves you can create decorations to use year after year. So here is my list:
  1. Table Confetti / Sprinkles - It is easy to imagine them dotted around a place setting on a dining table as seen in my picture below but don't forget that you can place them about on any surface: windowsills, hall console tables, coffee tables and sideboards to name but a few. I'm sure you can now think of a few more surfaces in your home that could be dressed up. Whilst multicoloured leaves are great for Autumn & Halloween, my preference is for my mustard shade of felt for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 
  2. Oak Leaf Wreath - All leaf wreaths of the same size and shape of leaf are very on-trend.
  3. Place Amongst Felt Flowers - In my Autumn Felt Flower Kit, I have included 2 larger sized rust felt oak leaves for maximum effect. I embellished a wooden pumpkin with mine, but they could easily be attached to florists' wire to create a bunch to display in a vase. 
  4. Add to Cards - The size of these leaves also mean they are just right to be added to greetings cards.
  5. Tree Baubles - Whether you are crafting for Autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas, you can embellish felt baubles to hang from twig trees. Just select the best colour(s) for the season you are making for.

Remember, you can ask me to cut them in any colour, just leave me a message at checkout. The last picture of my listing is my felt chart.

How would you use yours? I love seeing pictures of your makes, just tag me in on your posts @LilacSprig or use the #LilacSprig. 

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