Should Advent Calendars have 24 or 25 Days?

Growing up all my Advent Calendars had just 24 days finishing on Christmas Eve. I always thought that as you received gifts under the tree on Christmas Day that, that was why there was no number 25. ...... but I received so many requests for a number 25 to be added to my packs of numbers that I added it as an option.
At first, I was mystified and asked my Social Media Followers their opinion. I wondered whether different nationalities had different traditions but whatever questions I asked, I couldn't come to any meaningful conclusion. It is simply personal preference.
It then struck me ... that we always start our calendars on Day 1 - leading up to December 25th but on a countdown calendar it is the reverse!
The next conundrum was whether to label the days in order or mix them about. On a chocolate calendar they are mixed around to add the element of searching for the day but often on a handmade calendar they are simply placed in order!
When I first started cutting out numbers for Advent Calendars, I just offered sets in numbers 1 to 24 but very quickly added 25 as an option. This in turn led to further requests. The next request I received was for the numbers 1 to 31. I discovered that crafters/makers wanted to make Reward Calendars and then Countdown Calendars. I was simply bowled over by all your much I'd never even thought of....But....this week its gone to a whole new level, one of my customers got in touch to ask if I could just cut out certain numbers in 3 inch and 4 inch heights. Now this is no problem as they are something I can do electronically. She was delighted, they are to use in Ballet Exams!
So, what do you put in yours? I've discovered that making an Advent calendar can be a two year project. They often evolve as their makers' creativity adds different elements into the mix and before they know it what seemed on the surface to be a straightforward project becomes an heirloom calendar showcasing their creativity and which will be handed down through the generations.
So, what do I put in mine? As a Yorkshire Lass now living in Cheshire, I still have a love for all things Bettys. Each year I purchase their Advent calendar Refill Bag. Quite a luxury but one that evokes childhood memories of passing their York Shop and marvelling at their festive window display.
So, whatever you plan to fill yours with .... Don't leave it too late to start making it. You have just over a month before you'll be displaying it.

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