My Top 11 Valentine Craft Ideas

I was going to write about my Top 10 suggestions for what to make for Valentine's or to decorate your home /table with but then I remembered the most obvious crafting make of them all and it had to make the list so now there are 11!

  1. I'm kicking off Number 1 with the most obvious make - The Card. All it takes is a single heart on a card with Happy Valentine's Day printed on the front and hey presto - you have your card.
  2. Table confetti or card inserts to fall out as they open their card. My small red felt hearts are perfect for this. One pack of 20 will easily decorate your dining table.
  3. Multi Sized Felt Hearts - These are great dotted about the house, windowsills, coffee tables, hall console tables.... They create an instant 'Love' vibe and can be reused year after year.
  4. Large Felt Hearts - sew 2 together to create a decoration and add ribbon to hang them from. They can then be added to a white wood tree that I know lots of people use for year round decor or perhaps you still have your Christmas Tree and use it throughout the year for Valentine's, Easter etc..
  5. Two Turtle Doves - I have a knitting pattern for these. You won't be surprised to read that it is part of my 12 Days of Christmas Knitting Pattern, so if you're a knitter you can knit 2 up and pop in a Ferrero Rocher chocolate as a table gift. They look super cute and more so when dotted between red felt heart table confetti.
  6. Felt Love Birds - Check out my Liberty Robins. You can order them in any colour so I'm thinking Red felt with a white beak and eyes which I have seen made up and which look amazing.
  7. And Two Turtle Doves again - I have felt turtle doves than can be sewn with a ribbon to hang up.
  8. Medium Red Felt Roses - Add them to stems of florist's wire and simply pop them in a vase.
  9. Rose and Hyacinth plaque - see picture - this is really giving your decor a whole new look as they can be used to temporarily replace small pictures on the wall.
  10. Rose and Succulent Heart Plaque - A different take on Number 9.
  11. Red and Peach Flower Kit- One kit is enough to decorate a 12 inch wreath and will add a bit of Valentine love to your front door.

So whatever your plans for Valentine's - be imaginative, have fun and blitz your house with Love!

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