My Sense of Touch and Felt Fabric

I've always been a maker from as far back as I can remember and this of course means working with my hands.

Using my sense of touch, I would instantly know whether I would be happy working with the material I had to hand. I soon realised that I like the feel of smoother materials rather than the rougher ones. Whilst I love to see a mohair jumper ot a 100% Shetland wool one, I can't bare the feel of it against my skin. Funny, isn't it, how we develop these 'isms'?

The more I worked with fabric the more I discovered that I had favourites like Liberty Tana Lawn, Silks and 100% thin cotton fabric along with Scuba.

But then my eye for detail would have me spotting any fraying and gulp with shock that it spoiling my perfect shape... so along came Felt - a fabric that ticked all the boxes, nice to the touch and absolutely no fraying - my dream fabric and so my love affair with felt began.

I soon discovered that it was sought after by crafters and makers alike, most probably because they had identified the qualities I had and understood its versatility. Of course having a choice of so many shades helps too.

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