How to Style Your Home for Easter

As makers we are always looking for unique ways to style our own homes for special occasions. If you are like me then phrases like 'Shop Bought' and 'Cookie Cutter' just don't resonate. I for one look for something different.

Whereas at Christmas I have my decorated tree taking pride of place, when it comes to Easter, my coffee table is where my feature decorations are. The glass vase in the centre contain palms that I have collected at Palm Sunday services. The Green trees were from Ikea many years ago and are great to hang my egg ornaments on. 2 years ago I found the wooden Easter scene pieces for sale and I feel they ae just perfect to evoke the occasion.  The Blue egg on the stand was hand painted in Armenia and the blue bunny is actually Wedgwood. When my son was much younger we took him to the factory on a children's crafting day where they taught them how to place the clay into the simple bunny moulds. They were then fired and posted out to us. So a great deal of thought have gone into all the pieces on my table but what about the rest of the house.

I often use different size flowers dotted around as table sprinkles to add to the festive look. This year I'm loving my large yellow flowers. They remind me of vintage prints from the 1970s and their springtime shades are just perfect for Easter. I will set my Easter Dining table and then dot these around the place settings.

I always like to add a little table gift for my guests and these Ferrero Rocher / Lindt Lindor covers are super easy to knit up. The White Rabbits also work really well for Alice in Wonderland Parties so its quite a multifunctional pattern.

Of course there might be just a bit more chocolate than those under these covers!!!

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