Felt Lacy Snowflakes - An Instant Christmas Decoration

Are you running short of time to complete all the Christmas Crafting you had planned? 
It happens, doesn't it?
You factor your projects in but then 'stuff' seems to take over and you have to cut back on all the lovely items you were looking to make.
So, what about using my Felt Die Cut Lacy Snowflakes as a quick decor item?
You can dot them about on tables, sideboards, hall console tables, coffee tables, windowsills etc.. to create an instantly decorated room.
Order them in any colour from my felt chart so that you can match them to your decor. THINK:
  • White as a Timeless Classic
  • Red for Merry & Bright or a touch of Scandi
  • Teal, Purple or Papaya for Festive Maximalist
  • Silver Grey for Winter Wonderland or Nordic Craft
  • Pale Pink for Sugar Plum Cafe
  • Greens & Browns for Community Garden

and they are just a few of the possibilities!

Did you know that I also sell them for Birthday Parties. I have packs in a mixture of Turquoise, Light Blue and White which make great Frozen Party Decor - again dotted around the house and table.

....and if you do have a little bit of crafting time available you could use them to make your own Christmas Cards. Just print up your cards with simply - Merry Christmas or Let it Snow and glue a felt snowflake underneath it. They really are very effective and quick to make.

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