Daisy, Daisy ....

Give me your answer do? 
As this old song suggests, Daisies are associated with Marriage Proposals which often happen around Christmas, New Year and Valentine's Day and yet we rarely see daisies used at any of these special celebrations. Certainly in the UK, they are seen as a Summer Flower and are the Birth Flower for the month of April symbolising innocence, purity and true love. I remember sitting on the grass with friends, picking a daisy and plucking off one petal at a time reciting, 'He loves me, He loves me not' always hoping that the final petal coincides with 'He Loves Me'! Of course as a little girl there was no 'He' but there was always the romantic idea that one day there would be and he would love me!
My felt die cut daisy flowers are triple layered. Each flower is made up of 2, 6cm white petals and a yellow centre. They are obviously far larger than the real thing but perfect for crafting projects where you want to create a real visual impact. 
There is a tendency amongst makers, that almost seems OCD like to line up the petals perfectly before placing the centre in place but daisies when they grow in the grass are not always this symmetrical. Individual petals have often fallen off and so to embrace this natural look, I created a YouTube tutorial showing and discussing different styles of placement to create these more realistic effects.
You can view my tutorial here:
I offer them in packs of 6 complete daisies or more. I even offer them in packs of 100 for makers of larger projects and if you need 200 or more, simply order 2 or more packs, this is not an unusually large order for me.

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