A Kawaii Felt Sloth Kit with YouTube Tutorial & a Christmas Twist

Did you know that I'm on YouTube? My Channel is called .... Lilac Sprig. I'm still trying to improve my videos but I'm out there talking you through my kits as well as some of my felt die cut shapes, giving hints and tips on how to use them.
Whilst a lot of crafters like to come up with their own designs, some of you I know prefer kits and so I do offer a few. I'm slowly building up my offering so keep stopping by my on-line shop to see what I have.
Christmas always brings out the creative in us along with multi-generaltional crafting, when Grandparents pass on their skills to their Grandchildren. My kits make this fun and easy and along with my YouTube tutorials they allow Grandchildren to upskill their Grandparents too!
In each kit you receive a sloth body front and back, the face and eyes and nose, 2 branches, 2 holly leaves and berries and a piece of Baker's Twine to hang your sloth up with. I sew mine without stuffing but if you wish you can add toy stuffing. Remember, all the pieces are die cut so you get a professional finish. You just need a needle and thread to make up your ornament and of course .... access to YouTube unless you feel you can figure it out without.
As you can see from my picture below, it's quite a large sloth too so it won't be lost on your Christmas Tree!... and the holly and berries help to add that festive touch to your ornament.

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