Why Yellow Felt Flowers Are Not Just For Spring And Easter Time

It is so easy to associate yellow felt flowers with Spring and Easter crafting projects. We see yellow flowers like daffodils, crocus and tulips growing abundantly in gardens and around town and city centres and suddenly are association is with the time of the year that we see them in their natural habitat.

I recently read an article about Yellow flowers. In Asia they are given at Graduation Ceremonies.

As we all know, yellow flowers really brighten up a room, so they are a good choice to give to someone who is feeling down or recovering from an illness and as in the following song - Love!

The “Yellow Flowers” Song Lyrics

The “Yellow Flowers” song lyrics evoke strong emotions and tell a story of love and anticipation:

“He was waiting for her with a yellow flower.
She felt it so close, she felt it since she was a child
She knew that he knew
That one day it would happen
That he would come looking for her
With her yellow flowers
Don’t hurry, don’t stop
The moment of meeting
It’s said that it’s a fact
Don’t lose her, there’s no right
Don’t forget
That life is almost never asleep.”

In a few months time, shops and flowers stalls will have an abundance of Sunflowers. I am very lucky to live near a Sunflower Farm. Its not really a sunflower farm but that's the only term I know to describe it by. It is a Farm, but in an unused field they grow row after row of sunflowers. Members of the public then pay £10 per car to arrive with their own secateurs and the ability to cut 6 to 10 stems to take home. It is so much fun walking up and down the rows selecting what you believe to be the best of the crop! ...and the best bit is that the Farm donate the proceeds to a local charity.


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