What Tools Do You Need To Make Felt Flowers

I'm often asked what tools I use to make up my 3D felt flowers, so here it is.

  • Well, firstly, you will need a Felt Flower Kit. This is a pack of flat felt shapes that have been pre-cut for you and form the basis of the different flowers you can make up. Here is a quick link to my collection: Felt Flowers – Lilac Sprig Some kits contain identical flower shapes but a lot are a mixture of different styles and in different colours.
  • Instructions. I enclose a colour pictorial leaflet detailing how to make them up but I also have most of my tutorials on YouTube as it think it is easier if I talk you through how to make them up. Here is a link to my YouTube Home Page: (15) Lilac Sprig - YouTube . You can get all my tutorials here FREE and can also subscribe for FREE so that YouTube notify you whenever a new one is uploaded.
  • Hot Glue Gun - I use one that takes 7mm glue sticks - the thinnest. I prefer hot glue because the bond is instant but as you will see if you follow my tutorials, I'm often burning myself. Yes, even after years of practise, I still need to master this art!
  • Silicone Mat- This is to place the hot glue gun in between use. Most glue guns come with a built in stand but I find I still get drips of glue on my work bench so the mat helps to ensure this doesn't happen.
  • Cricut Tweezers - I'm sure most full size beauty tweezers would work fine but I'm lucky enough to have the Cricut ones and these can help you roll up the trickier flower shapes whilst keeping them firmly in place. But you will see that I often use my fingers to do the rolling.
  • A Paint Brush - This is my Hero Product! When you work with felt you find that the fibres get everywhere and I'll often use my paintbrush to give my work bench a quick clean.
  • A Fine Work Pair of Scissors - If you apply a little too much glue it can ooze out of the flowers as they dry. I use some small detail work scissors to just snip the glue off to create a professional looking flower.
  • Practice and Patience! - It can take time to master this art so I recommend you try rolling your flower pieces and practising this a few times before you heat up your glue gun. Believe me it will be worth it!
  • And Finally - You will need a base to attach your arrangement too, perhaps a wreath or a wooden plaque or maybe you want to add them to florist's wire so you can display them in a vase.

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