Twixmas Crafting Ideas

Christmas and Boxing Day are officially over which means its Twix-mas Time or Chrimbo Limbo! So, what do you normally do at this time? Sorry! I'm not really asking you that because as a fellow crafter, I already know the answer.
When Christmas is Over, the Crafting Begins.
For many of you these days leading up to New Year are days to hunker down at home and dig out any half finished projects to complete, often whilst watching films on TV or listening to music.
Some of you pre-plan for this week and write to me, telling me that you are buying one of my kits for this very purpose. Others of you I know, evaluate the stash you have already, thinking of ways to reuse pieces you have left over. This often leads to us having conversations where you ask me to put together a custom order of 3 of this, 2 of that and 1 of the other which when incorporated with these otherwise lonely pieces will suddenly make a special something.
Those of you who amazingly completed all your crafting in the run up to Christmas often look for inspiration for projects for the year ahead. If you are one of them, then here are a few suggestions from me:
  • My medium felt roses look great added to stems of florists' wire. Order them in red and add a pack of my rose leaves to your order. They look stunning in a vase for Valentine's. (A Dozen of them of course!).
  • Why not make them up in other colours too like yellow or pale pink and have them ready to gift on Mother's Day.
  • Or, in Red, White and Blue for the forthcoming Coronation of King Charles III.

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