Pumpkins - Looking for a Shape I haven't listed?

Come October and you'll find pumpkins popping up all over the place, but did you know that I didn't used to have any felt pumpkins for sale?

These gorgeous pumpkins you see started life as a conversation from a buyer who asked if I sold any. I explained that whilst I didn't, I certainly could and asked for an indication of the approximate size they would like. Having made up the order, I then listed the pumpkins for sale offering them in different colours to represent  gourds or to just simply blend in with my customers' home decor.

... and aren't they so versatile? From table sprinkles to embellishments to quickly sew or glue onto hand bought napkins. Washable at 30 degrees celcius means that appliqueing them onto napkins and table runners isn't an issue. I often dot them around coffee and side tables or the fireplace hearth because sprinkles / confetti is not just for the dining table! 

Of course, I can also cut them in a larger size so you can sew them onto ribbon to create your own fireplace bunting, a garland to place over mirrors or your laptop. Just message me if you would like them cutting in another size. All I need is the colour(s) and size(s) and I can calculate a price for you and create a custom order.

...and I also don't want to forget Thanksgiving! I have a very loyal following of US creatives who often inspire me with their amazing makes. Last year, one bought my standard sized pumpkins and sewed 2 together with a small amount of toy stuffing inside. She then added some ribbon to make them into hanging tree ornaments. I just love receiving pictures of your makes but remember, if you are happy for me to use them then please let me know that I can. I am happy to give you credit as I know that some of you are maker/sellers too.

Make a beautiful Pumpkin Patch display in your home using these felt pre-cut pumpkins that you will be able to re-use year after year.



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