Perfect Felt Flowers for Valentine's Day & Other Romantic Milestones

And they may not be Red Roses!

When it comes to 14th February and Valentine's most people believe that roses are the most traditional type of romantic flower to give to loved ones.

Red roses have become the most quintessentially romantic flower.

While the colour red is a symbol of romantic love, there are also other colours and flowers or bouquets that could be given to celebrate this day or other romantic milestones.

A recent survey asked 3 Florists what their favourite flower is to receive on Valentine's Day:

  1. Lilies
  2. Orchids (particularly those that can be re-potted)
  3. Floral Baskets with mixed flowers and foliage

So - If you are Gifter - Do you know what your loved one's favourite flower is? Would they prefer to receive this rather than Red Roses? Or is Valentine's Day a Red Roses Day for them, no matter what!

And - If you are the Recipient - Have you ever told the gifter what you really, really prefer?

Me - I'm sure you are wondering what I would like to receive on Valentine's Day. Well, usually I prefer neutral bouquets that I can arrange in a vase and place on my round coffee table in the centre of my sitting room. I have a few exceptions, one being sunflowers. I just love to see them in the Summer months. I wonder if its something to do with the colour yellow and the sun! But for Valentine's there is only one flower and I've never received it and never felt the moment has been right nor appropriate for me to say.

You see, I'm a Yorkshire Lass and for me a red rose is the symbol of the House of Lancashire whereas the symbol of the House of York is the White Rose so its White Roses all the way for me!

A few days ago, I received an urgent order for my Lilac Felt flower Kits. Postage had been upgraded and there was a message with it. The buyer had discovered that their loved one was always sad when their Valentine's Flowers died. They thought it felt as if the love that had been given with them had also faded away. So this year they are going to be given Felt Flower Kits, the idea being that they sit down together and make them up on florist's wire stems so that they can be displayed in a vase - almost forever!

Such a lovely story that I thought I'd share it far and wide.

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