One Low Postage and Packing Price

One Low Postage and packaging Price - No Matter HOW MUCH you buy!

I've been there too! You see the prefect item online and then when you get to checkout the P&P cost is so much that you abandon your purchase. This obviously can compound if you want to buy multiple items and each item attracts an additional postage fee. It may only be 50p per item but if you are buying 50 or 100 items then added together this can be a ridiculous amount!!

That is why when I set up my website, I took the decision to set just one postage rate whether you buy one item of 100. This of course, costs me money for larger orders but it is my way of saying thank you for you order and there is also another reason ........ The functionality of my website means that I am unable to list my full 48 colours if I offer all the pack sizes that I wish I could, so if you want to say order 50 of one item, and a pack of 50 is not an option then you can purchase 5 packs of 10 and still just pay the one postage charge.

So don't worry about how much you add to your basket, there won't be any hidden surprises!


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