Non-Prickly Holly

Apart from a Christmas Tree, one of the most familiar natural foliage sights at Christmas time is Holly. Evergreen leaves with bright red berries, they almost look 'Christmas Ready' all year round and well before we all are ...but they are prickly, aren't they?
My felt die cut holly and berries pictured above are life size but without that pricklyness! (Is that even a word)?
Their obvious uses are:
  • Card making
  • Table Confetti
  • Advent calendar & cushion embellishment
  • Making hanging ornaments
  • Wreath Making

I add them to stems and create a 3D look to them by crimping the leaves with glue to make sprigs that you can display in a vase or plant pot.

In a previous blog post I suggested putting my felt lacy snowflakes around the house to decorate:

  • Hall Console Tables
  • Mantlepieces
  • Coffee Tables and
  • Windowsills

well, these holly leaves work equally well as table sprinkles in these areas too .... and let's face it, table sprinkles only involve opening a packet to dot them about this year.

Save them for next year to do the same or in your quieter creative months, you can consider adding them to stems like I do.

They are the creative project that keeps on giving!


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