How to make cost effective Scented Wax Samples using Felt Die Cut Shapes

I'm new to the term 'Wax Melting' and didn't understand it in relation to the shapes that I cut out but now I do!
One of my customers had bought some of my shapes, requesting them in white felt. This didn't seem strange at all as crafters all have colourways that they like working with. It was when her feedback came in that I was curious,
" Perfect for my wax melting"
Intrigued... so I messaged her to ask her more and this is what I discovered.
Makers of scented candles or sellers of Scentsy candles often like to send or hand out samples to either customers or for wholesale enquiries. Sending out a wax melt or a full candle is expensive in terms of size and cost so she prefers to send out a sample that is well presented, scented and only costs the price of a stamp.
I Googled the process and realised that I already had everything needed so I thought I'd give it a go.
I cut out small white felt flowers, heated up my wax melt and dipped the flowers in, getting them out using my Cricut tweezers. Any tweezers will work but I didn't fancy getting wax on the ones I use to shape my brows! Once out of the wax I placed the coated flowers on a piece of baking sheet. They only took about a minute or two to dry and they are now quite solid and smell amazing. I really can see why they make great samples to post or hand out.
So if you know any scented candle makers, ask them if this is a technique they use. If they don't then it could save them a lot of money and you'll be their best friend forever!

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