Felt Cherry Blossom

Are they really that small?
Yes, they are, they are so tiny!
They have  a diameter of 0.9cm so less than 1cm in size and that's definitely tiny in my mind.
Their obvious uses are:
  • Confetti
  • Table Sprinkles
  • Card Inserts

But most of my customers use them as embellishments for projects. They can be grouped together to be sewn onto hearts to reflect a bunch of flowers as those of you who have joined my Patreon will already know. I used them a lot in my 2022 monthly projects. They can also be sewn onto felt branches as cherry blossom.

As we approach Spring we yearn to see colours coming up in our gardens and we inject this into our crafting projects.

If you check out my Etsy feedback for my felt blossom flowers then you will see that my customers have left me feedback and included pictures of their makes. Here are a few to save you scrolling:

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