Crafting for The Coronation

Now Easter is over we just have a few weeks before the Coronation so here are  a few suggestions I have for makers.
  1. Bunting - There is plenty of plastic bunting out there but you can't beat some fabric bunting that comes out for Royal celebrations year after year. It's nostalgic getting it out of the loft and unwrapping it to see the design that is soon forgotten. Memories are soon however, also brought to mind. Friends and family members who you shared happy memories with. I made this bunting last year for the Platinum Jubilee but it will be reappearing along with my union jack bunting for The Coronation. The different designs were part of a fabric panel I purchased. I then cut out felt triangles in red, white and royal blue felt that were slightly larger than the panel triangles. Using Bondaweb I initially ironed the fabric to the felt before edging the fabric to the felt in gold thread in blanked stitch before finally sewing them onto a grosgrain ribbon.

Felt Flowers would have to feature somewhere in my post wouldn't they! These kits can be turned into almost anything:

  • A vase of flowers when added to stems
  • Bunting - added to felt triangle pennants
  • Flower Crowns
  • Door Wreaths


And if you are a knitter or know one, why not use my pattern to knit up my interpretation of King Edward's Crown. Each one is a cover for a Ferrero Rocher or Lindt Lindor Chocolate.

So here are just a few ideas because we just have a few weeks left so I don't want to bombard you with overload!

Happy Making and remember to tag me into your makes @lilacsprig I love to see all Corornation Crafts.


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