Chocolate Sprouts

Love Them or hate Them? - It's not Christmas without Brussel Sprouts... and it would seem that most people don't like them.....unless of course, they are chocolate ones!
So here is a last minute Christmas make for knitters. You can use up oddments of green wool that you have in your stash to put a smile on peoples' faces.
My Pattern is an instant download so you can start knitting straight away. You will just need a Ferrero Rocher or Lindt Lindor style chocolate to place in each one you knit.
I am often asked how you gift them:
  • Table gift, simply placed on a dinner plate
  • Stocking stuffer / filler
  • Make up a bowl full and place them on your coffee table and let your guests know that they can help themselves and take the cover home as a memento 
  • Take a few out with you and leave them with receptionists / shop assistants as an 'Act of Kindness' gift

They do bring a smile to everyone's face so get out your green wool and knitting needles, download this pattern from my shop and Happy Knitting.

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