A Christmas Make to Use Again at Valentine's

As we approach the end of the Year, multi seasonal crafting can be very useful and time saving. Red roses are often associated with Christmas but of course also Valentine's Day.
So, December gives you the opportunity to consider making a project to use for both occasions.
The simplest and easiest idea is to add my red felt 3D roses to stems that can be displayed in a vase with other stems at Christmas or simply more roses at Valentine's.
These felt fir tree branches make a great Christmas vase addition and you can download the tutorial from my website.
Remember, A single red rose stem can also be placed on a dinner plate.
If you've not made 3D felt flowers before then the process is quite simple, but I do recommend that you use a hot glue gun as the 'stick' is instant!
The process involves you rolling the flower from the outer edge to the that'd where there is a round end that you use to glue the flower in place. Still Confused? No need to be! Each pack comes with picture instructions and a link to my YouTube channel where I offer free tutorials for all my flowers and some of my other shapes.
Check out my link above.

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